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A provocative and modern-day television drama series set among Russians who have made London their home. Inspired by The Gambler by Dostoevsky and other Russian classics, the stories and characters are influenced by real life events. It is a poignant yet humorous tale of lust, greed, betrayal, big business, dangerous liaisons, blurred morality and love - where everyone is a gambler of some kind.

The Russian Gambler - began as a two part radio drama written by Dolya Gavanski commissioned by BBC Radio 4. Directed by John Dryden, starring Ed Stoppard, Eleanor Bron and Matthew Marsh, it played to great critical acclaim.



"Prepared to be carried away into the world of bling, dodgy deals, dangerous liaisons….‘Don’t trust any of them’, the child whispers, but the piano teacher wan’t be warned….A stunning drama with a rich, atmospheric soundscape…"

The Daily Mail | *****

"With the disparity between rich and poor continuing to grow, it seems all the more fitting that Dolya Gavanski, in this two-part adaptation, should transplant this cautionary tale of gambling, oligarchs, and blurred morality to a 21st-century London…"

Radio Times Critic Choice