Breaking News:Women’s Day has been selected and will be screened at the International Moscow Film Festival

We are excited to announce that the film Women’s Day directed by Dolya Gavanski has been selected to take part at the Moscow International Film Festival on the 23 April 15:30,  at the Multiplex Cinema October, Hall 5. The film looks at the heroic experiences of women from the 1917 up to today and includes conversations with remarkable women in different spheres of achievement.

Dina Grigoreva "Voice of the USSR"; Svetlana Alexievich - Nobel Prize for Literature; Natalya Kaspersky - President of InfoWatch and Co-founder of Kaspersky Lab; Elena Krygina, beauty expert; Olga Uskova, President of Cognitive Technologies, Natalya Malakhovskaya, feminist dissident; Maria Rokhlina, Veteran of Stalingrad and more.

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